Sunday, 24 July 2011

Will enlightenment help me lose weight?

The news are making the world look like a rather scary place lately: A madman has been shooting dozens of people in Norway, Greece has finally defaulted and there are an unclear number of European countries ready to follow suit, the USA Congress are unable to agree on anything even if the lives of millions of Americans depend on it, and - the worst of all - Amy Winehouse has died!

In moments like this, it's when you need to focus on real-world, practical things. Like what they are doing at this forum, people are answering the tricky question: Will enlightenment help me lose weight?

No, I'm not saying it with heavy irony. If you aren't asking this kind of practical question, you either don't believe enlightenment is real (fair enough), or you take everything way too seriously.

And it's easy to give practical questions a practical answer:

Do what you will
is the whole of the law.
Do what you will.

Know what you want,
know what they all want,
know what matters to you,
know what matters to them,
put it all in the balance,
and let it all rest,
then do what you will.

You couldn't do anything else,
so do what you will.

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